Yerradhang Nguru Park, Australia

Yerradhang Nguru Park, Australia

A Gum tree Camp for play

Googong is a recently build city located in Canberra's outer suburbs. The developers chose to partner with KOMPAN based on our abilities to design and construct a unique architectural landmark. The unique and custom made 'Gumnuts playground' was built to attract new residents to the development. The playground area was once an important meeting place for the traditional landowners, and it has now become the heart of the new city where families can rest and socialise. 

The custom Corocord 'Gumnuts' design pays homage to the native gumtrees and blooms that are prevalent within the region and also pays respects to the traditional landowners. Upon opening to the public, the park was named Yerradhang Nguru Park, recognising the Ngunawal people, who were the traditional custodians of the land.


Rated 10 out of 10

Rated 10 out of 10

The Corocord “Gumnut” towers provide hours of challenging play for children of all ages. To get from the bottom to the top, children can choose different challenges such as climbing nets and rope ladders which train the children’s cross-coordination and balance.

When the children reach the top, they are rewarded with the beautiful view of the Yellow Box gumtrees, and if they are lucky, they might be able to spot a wombat or a kangaroo! However, getting to the top is only half of the fun, as the children are rewarded with a thrilling, stomach-tickling ride through the tube slide.






The principal reason was that KOMPAN had this design and construct approach to playgrounds, custom-making playgrounds. 

Matthew Frawley

Landscape Architect

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