Who we are

KOMPAN’s purpose is to help our customers create healthier and happier communities, and we have done this since 1970.

A round dot in a square world

The founder of KOMPAN was an artist who started out designing sculptures in 1970. When Tom Lindhardt witnessed how much children loved to play on his art, he decided to make play sculptures specifically for them.

As urbanisation increased globally throughout the 1970s, architects, developers, councils and governments built large, often anonymous areas of public housing. In Tom's opinion these environments “lacked colour and form.” So he set out to make colourful play features for children to play on in these areas. It helped the developments establish their own individuality and identity, and it gave children something to play on.

Half a century on our structures continue to give children a beacon to help them navigate their early years of life. And of course, our equipment gives them something special to play on and have fun. and of course, something special to play on. This philosophy is still very much part of our DNA.

Beautiful and timeless design for kids

Tom worked tirelessly to perfect his original play designs. He wanted them to be striking, attractive, and timeless too. His first product was the Crazy Hen, which today, five decades later, is an iconic modern classic.

Designing beautiful, timeless play equipment is still our main goal.

Since then KOMPAN has:

  • invented the springer concept,
  • created the colourful playhouse,
  • invented 3-dimensional rope structures,
  • pioneered 360-degree play,
  • led the development of the modern playground based on free play, including the Supernova
  • reinvented wood and nature play as well as thematic play based on play value
  • created outdoor fitness with adjustable resistance

It's in our DNA to give customers beautiful sites that look inviting for decades.

Play and fitness that develops users

Along with the urbanisation of the 1970s, this period also saw more mothers entering the workforce. This meant that an increasing number of children were spending time in early learning, preschool and kindergarten, meaning early education providers needed to create environments where children could develop their essential proficiencies – their physical, social, cognitive and creative skills. This brought about the decision from KOMPAN to create a team of child-experts, the KOMPAN Play Institute, to devise products that would aid development. The abstract themes of products such as Moments Story Makers stimulate imaginations and transport children to fantasy worlds, facilitating role-play and developing social skills.

This philosophy is reflected in our name. Kompan comes from Danish word for companion and lifelong friend. Playgrounds should be a constant companion for children throughout their growth and development. More recently KOMPAN has launched a fitness institute, KFI, that collaborates with universities to develop products that have a meaningful positive impact on the physical well-being of users. At a public health level, a healthier community is more economically and environmentally sound. Public funds dedicated to creating active outdoor spaces that improve the health of the population in turn reduces the strain on the public health system.

Half a century later, we are the global leader in outdoor play and fitness areas

We design, manufacture, and install more than 1,000 playground or fitness sites every month across 90 countries. Of these, 30 countries do so through direct local operations, and the remainder do so through carefully selected quality agents and partners. We complete one installation every 44 minutes.

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