Tailor-made playground with local pirate theme

The city of Tampa wanted to transform an underused local public space into a community gathering place with a new playground that honours the city's port and ship-building past, as well as its history of piracy. So in 2014, the mid-town Water Works Park in Tampa was established and the rejuvenated area is now filled all year round with both locals and tourists.

Adventures Await

The park harks back to Tampa's maritime and piracy-related past. A broad Corocord rope climbing frame is approachable from every angle and leads to a crow’s nest were today’s buccaneers can survey the surrounding landscape. Here the younger kids play in the Elements tower with slide and dolphins bobbing and diving on the ocean seesaw. The park also has KOMPAN classics such as the Supernova carousel and the spinning Spica.





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KOMPAN had a really good track record, besides having great designs, that was a plus for us to be able to have the whole package.

Karla Price

Landscape Architect, City of Tampa

Water Works Park

Florida, Tampa , USA

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