Outdoor Calisthenics & Street Workout Equipment

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Street workouts, callisthenics and bodyweight fitness are becoming increasingly prevalent, especially amongst young people. This has resulted in a need for high-quality outdoor street workouts and callisthenics gym equipment in public parks, schools, and urban areas. KOMPAN's Street, Workout & Calisthenics solutions offer a wide variety of exercises in single structures, which are prefect for perfect for tight budgets and spaces.

Each product is inspired by experts and designed to motivate professionals and fitness enthusiasts to complete bodyweight and functional fitness exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, step-ups, dips or even group workouts. 

All exercise stations are available as standalone products in steel and Robinia wood options which are highly durable to ensure they can last for decades in even the harshest conditions.

Frequently asked questions about Calisthenics and Street Workout

 What is Calisthenics? 

It is one of the oldest recognised, organised forms of exercise. The armies of Alexander the Great and the Spartans practised it. It is a form of exercise that involves activating large muscle groups by running, standing, pushing, and pulling and using your bodyweight or counterbalance.   

Is callisthenics good for fitness? 

The benefits of callisthenics depend on your fitness level. However, this style of fitness training helps build muscle and strength and challenges Australians to increase their repetition and endurance over time. Research indicates results can be achieved within a short period. Outdoor callisthenics training is also a cost-effective solution for public parks, schools, or urban areas as you require minimum equipment and little space as each piece of KOMPAN's range is compact and supports hundreds of exercises.  

What is Street Workout exercise equipment?  

Street Workout products consist of various combinations stations that offer a complete street workout and callisthenics experience. KOMPAN's street workout stations provide a variety of exercises in a compact footprint and for a small investment. 

Is Street Workout better than a gym workout?  

Callisthenics and Street Work training is a high energy and calorie burner that helps to reduce body fat and weight. At the same time, this form of training increases muscle mass.  

How do you use outdoor Street Workout and Callisthenics gym equipment?  

Well, design and high-quality outdoor gym equipment should be fit for purpose and enables all to complete a workout at their own fitness level. Stand-alone combination fitness stations provide the opportunity to complete bodyweight and functional fitness exercises that target upper and lower body parts. Fitness activities include pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, core stability, human flags, step-ups, dips, or group workouts. 

Where can I find an Outdoor Gym in Australia?

Great question! Download the KOMPAN Fitness Application on any Apple or Andriod smart device to find hundreds of sites that have been installed throughout Australian communities. 

What is the most useful piece of street workout equipment?

Difficult question since a proper workout requires variety to be fulfilled. However, pull up and parallel bars are not something that is easily replicated in the real world. 


Is Street Workout all-weather?

Pretty well so, the surface is termed all-weather, and the equipment might only be unusable in extreme conditions. 


What is the best surface?


You need to include a surfacing type that reduces movement upon landing. Rubber surfacing provides a flat and smooth performance base that drains quickly.

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