Obstacle Courses

Outdoor obstacles courses have their origin in military training. However, they have been finding their way to public parks, and schoolyards and Obstacle/Ninja Courses are one of the fastest-growing outdoor sports, attracting people of all ages and abilities. It challenges and develops both mental and physical strength. 

Different ways of doing the exercises provide different difficulty levels, which makes it work for young and old as well as for the strong and untrained.

KOMPAN outdoor obstacle gyms are designed in a way that challenges everyone at their own level. Smart step-ups and extra grips will make it easy enough for beginners to get started on the equipment, and due to its size and height, even the most advanced athletes or ninja warriors will find a way to challenge themselves!

KOMPAN's obstacle course range is designed to bring fun and functional movement to public parks and schoolyards, and is meant for teenagers and adults of all fitness levels. It challenges and develops both mental and physical strength, and scaleable difficulty levels mean it's suitable for young and old, strong and unfit. To learn more about other exercise solutions on offer, check out KOMPAN's entire outdoor fitness portfolio by clicking here

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