Multipurpose sports court

Ball sports have, throughout time, fascinated people, and still do. Playing for fun whenever you want is hugely popular, but this puts a demand on the accessibility of facilities. They need to be available at all times and conveniently close to potential users.

The perfect place to have that experience is in a KOMPAN’s Multi Use Games Area. As the name suggests, the venue is open to play forms of established sports like football, basketball, tennis and hockey, but, excitingly, it is also a perfect place to invent variations. It is where the rules are not necessarily written, but most certainly agreed.

The only common rule is to have healthy fun. These multipurpose sports courts are highly customisable and provide an optimised arena, a focal point for activity, somewhere explicitly designed to satisfy a need.

In rural or urban areas, these compact stadiums are an important social asset as they help create healthier and engaged communities.

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