Cross Training Equipment

Cross-Training is a universal form of exercise. The award-winning fitness range has been designed as open structures and provides the opportunity for Australians to complete functional training exercises with the support of suspension trainers, pull-up bars, free weights and parallel bars. Central to Cross Systems is the scalability of the resistance, allowing users of all ages and abilities to train in accordance with their individual fitness levels.

The different frames can stand alone or be placed as joined structures, which are ideal for group training and is a key motivator to encourage communities to come together to exercise in the great outdoors. 

In 2017, the Cross Training Systems won the Good Design Award in Australia and the European Product Design Award.

Frequently asked questions about our Outdoor Cross-Training Equipment

How weather resistant is the equipment, and can I train in any conditions?

KOMPAN's Cross Training systems are incredibly durable and manufactured from robust materials. Meaning fitness equipment can be placed in any environment. 


Do I need instruction on how to get the most out of the equipment?

No, it is very intuitive; however, guidance from the KOMPAN Fitness Application can take your fitness equipment to the next level. 


What is a magnetic bell, and how does it work? 

The Magnetic Bell comes in three weights, 6, 9 and 12 kilos, and it moves freely up and down an aluminium post. The inner core contains magnets that create resistance, so the faster you move, the greater the resistance. Users can complete many forms of exercise routines with this unique feature, such as weighted squats, lunges, push press, calf raises and bent-over row, 


What colour options are available for KOMAN's outdoor fitness products?

KOMPAN has eight standard colours, but we offer the opportunity to customise the equipment to match your project vision. 


What is the target group?

Cross Training systems have been specifically made for a universal appeal from beginners who can choose to start at their own level. Elite athletes can also set their own level. 


Does KOMPAN's cross-training enable social interaction? 

Our cross-training systems are designed to enable people to train side-by-side. For trainers, this means a fast overview, enabling them to offer support and guidance where needed. Besides that, our sites are installed with breakout facilities for rest periods and social interaction.

Can cross-training systems be used for professional purposes? 

Our cross-training solutions are designed to provide therapists, and other health specialists access to equipment that is comparable to commercial gym equipment. 

Need advice?

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