Across the world, people are moving outside to be active. In recent years there has been an increase in this trend where Australian local  governments, communities, sports clubs, developers and schools are building outdoor fitness stations and sports parks for their residents, students and members.


Commercial gyms now want to provide their members with the option to exercise outdoors with equipment that truly offers challenging and meaningful workouts. 

For Sports Clubs that want to offer their members the motivation to exercise, consider an obstacle course or sideline warm-up cardio equipment. 

For local governments and developers that want to make outdoor fitness available to their communities, KOMPAN makes it possible with varied solutions such as cardio, street workout, cross-training, strength, callisthenics and multi-use games areas. 

There's an increasing need for purpose-built fitness stations that encourage seniors to live an active lifestyle with our ageing population. In addition, senior living developments need to consider including designated outdoor exercise equipment for their residents. 

To enable children to DEVELOP, we design our playground equipment to improve physical, cognitive, creative, and social/emotional skills to build key life skills and friendships. KOMPAN's outdoor fitness and gym equipment are progressively challenging and purposefully resistant for adults. This way, no matter how fit they are, to begin with, all users get a meaningful workout. Making communities happier and healthier is in our DNA.


Made for the outdoor. At KOMPAN, we have built outdoor fitness equipment for more than 50 years. We use the most rigid materials to ensure that our outdoor gym equipment withstands the test of weather and usage for decades to come.

KOMPAN's outdoor gym equipment is available in several designs and materials. For a vibrant and distinct visual expression, consider KOMPAN's steel outdoor fitness stations, or for a more natural look, our Robinia wood obstacle courses and street workout solutions are the ideal choices.   


Why outdoor fitness and gym equipment 

Globally, 33% of the population is inactive and sedentary activity is one of the leading factors for global mortality. Exercising outdoors provides many health benefits, including mental and physical well-being, combats socioeconomic inequalities, promotes socialisation and inclusion, which ultimately reduces Australian Government healthcare costs.

In addition, COVID-19 encouraged Australians to get active outdoors, emphasising the need for access to high-quality and functional outdoor fitness sites is critical for the parks and leisure industry. Planners, Designers and Governments need to consider this when designing community recreational facilities.  

Sure, you can get fit in a gym. However, as a commercial-grade outdoor fitness, gym, and sporting equipment manufacturer, KOMPAN has created fitness products that are on par with the highest quality of indoor training facilities due to scalable user positions and adjustable resistance design solutions. Equipment has also been designed to take workouts to the next level by adding the extra challenges and benefits that only nature can provide. With KOMPAN's outdoor fitness equipment, Australian's can enjoy the additional benefits of sunshine, fresh air, and connecting with the community. So, whether you're looking for outdoor cardio or strength machines, cross-training orstreet workout and calisthenics systems, obstacle sources or active ageing, KOMPAN has a solution for all.  

From boardwalks to schools, rooftops, local parks and destination gyms, you will be able to find a project solution that will inspire and motivate everyone.

KOMPAN's award-winning and patented designs provide meaningful workouts as we understand the importance of creating functional, certified and accessible outdoor fitness equipment for parks and public spaces. Everyone can use KOMPAN's outdoor fitness equipment in a way that optimises personal training results regardless of size, abilities, and age. 

Every innovative product design is founded on knowledge and science, which the KOMPAN Fitness Institute has specifically developed. This specialist unit conducts industry research and strongly focuses on following the latest health and exercise-related science. In addition, the Institute collaborates with universities and networks of industry experts, which further supports the development of safe, ergonomic, and effective exercise equipment. 

Products are supported by the KOMPAN’s Fitness and Cardio Apps, which helps guide, mentor and measure performance.  

Made for the great outdoors, KOMPAN uses the most durable materials to ensure all solutions withstand the test of weather and usage for decades to come.  

Park exercise equipment 

It’s no secret that health and fitness levels within Australia have declined, causing obesity levels to increase. Australia is a beautiful country with lots of sunshine, fresh air and open green space. Yet, many of us spend hours sitting indoors and often in front of a screen.  

However, research indicates that more and more people prefer to engage in outdoor workouts or fitness activities. Exposure to fresh air, natural environments and sunlight increases levels of Vitamin D, helps boost serotonin and post-exercise endorphins levels, making free outdoor fitness parks increasingly more popular. 

Besides the physical benefits of exercising outside, park fitness equipment makes exercise accessible, affordable, social and more enjoyable. Outdoor gyms are a proven strategy to activate communities.  

KOMPAN is passionate about creating happier and healthier Australian communities. Through years of research and development, we have created high-quality, accessible, durable, and safe park fitness equipment that improves strength and cardio levels and offers outdoor rehabilitation solutions in the great outdoors. 

Safety is paramount when placing outdoor exercise equipment in public park environments. It needs to be safe for the intended use and designed to eliminate the risks associated with potential misuse. KOMPAN conducts rigorous risk and design assessments; all outdoor gym equipment is designed to be compliant with The Australian Fitness Standards: AS16330:2021.

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