Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

A luxury hotel's way of increasing its appeal to families

It may or may not be the KOMPAN playground closest to the Equator, but it's undoubtedly located in one of the most densely populated regions in the world. Nestled in the grounds of the luxury Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore and surrounded by lush greenery, this pirate ship feature is a magnet for travelling families and their children.

The pirate ship allows kids to experience the joy of playing and burning off energy outside in a country where space for outdoor play is limited. Parents can relax and enjoy their stay at the Shangri-La Hotel while their children play in a safe, supervised area. In Denmark and the Czech Republic where the equipment was designed and built, the density of the population is 134 people per square kilometre. Singapore has a population density of approximately 7804 people per square metre, so outdoor play, and spaces to play outdoors, are precious.

Ready for the seven seas

The Robinia wood pirate ship, like all the ships and castles in the Robinia range, is built from modules that allow variation in size and design. It’s not just a ship to imagine sailing away on, it can be adapted to suit various environments too. 

With the addition of a simple slide, the experience is changed, giving kids the opportunity to slide back to the ground after their climbing experience.







It’s like a real pirate ship – I give it five out of five.


Playful kid

Shangri-La Hotel

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