School Playground Equipment and Outdoor Classrooms

Children playing on KOMPAN's playground equipment for schools

Physical activity on school playgrounds - the key to good health and better learning and attendance in schools

Physical activity within school playgrounds is key to good health, better learning outcomes and high attendance for both primary and high schools. 

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), children need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity per day. But far too many children and teens are nowhere near that.

KOMPAN has built playground and fitness spaces within Australian state and private schools and education facilities for decades.  

So, whether you're a Principal, Bursar, Business Manager or P&C member, KOMPAN can help you navigate the complexities of designing and building play or fitness spaces within your schoolyard which is site responsive and meets your budget.

Every play item that KOMPAN designs is evaluated and designed to maximise children's learning and development outcomes, ultimately supporting positive learning outcomes and increased attention span.

In addition to thrilling playground equipment, KOMPAN can help you to design a functional outdoor fitness or multisports gyms for your secondary school environment. These spaces can be used to promote exercise during lunchtime or could be utilised for Health and Physical education classes. 

Check out this case study from Scotland to see what you could achieve with KOMPAN. 

KOMPAN Play Institute gives you 10 tips to designing active school playgrounds

Watch the video to get Head of KOMPAN Play Institute, Jeanette Fich Jespersen's, 10 tips to choosing playground equipment that promotes physical activity in school children. 



KOMPAN playground equipment for all school ages
KOMPAN outdoor swings for school agers

Why do schools need quality playground and fitness equipment? 

Many Australian schools struggle to include high-quality playground equipment for their students. However, well-maintained, appealing, functional and safe outdoor playgrounds and fitness spaces will only benefit your school community for years to come. 

A KOMPAN school playground is a healthy investment in learning and child health and will help your school. For example these spaces can: 

  • Improve physical and cognitive development 
  • Encourage social connectedness
  • Increase pupil attendance 
  • Maintain an attractive school environment
  • Raise pupil attainment
  • Boost academic achievements
  • Improve student attention

To learn more about school playgrounds, contact KOMPAN to discuss your specific project details. 

Primary School


We have been working with Australian primary schools to help boost attendance, attention and attainment by installing unique and engaging playground equipment. Our primary school playground solutions offer challenging and creative learning through play to boost curriculum outcomes. 

Secondary school


At KOMPAN, we have proven that the right outdoor opportunities, designed in the right way, are still a well-rounded way for secondary school children to hang out together and be active while being social. We offer unique play and sports solutions specifically aimed at this age group. 

Colleges & Universities


Whether you are looking for great multi-use games areas, trendy cross-training, cardio, strength or street workout equipment for outdoor training, KOMPAN has a solution for all. Our product range for colleges and universities will help you create a popular and functional area for being active and for learning. 

Over 50 years experience creating playground equipment for schools

After having helped thousands of schools get the most out of their outdoor space, we understand that every area has unique requirements. That's why we offer bespoke outdoor play equipment for schools that meet your needs while respecting your budget.

Our multifaceted team of play consultants, landscape designers, and other experts work together to follow a specially developed KOMPAN playground planning process that will leave you with a tailored plan that contains the best from multiple expert areas. 

Our design principals take into account how the school playground equipment will support your students, curriculum, space, surroundings, and activities.

The finished result is an entirely original design that provides the greatest possible value for the school, outdoor space, and the students.

KOMPAN outdoor playground equipment for schools
KOMPAN's outdoor classroom equipment for schools

Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor classrooms help create more space for teaching and more social distance between your pupils. 

Learn more in our 13 tips on how to create an outdoor classroom  

  • 1.The outdoor learning site should have a gathering space for students to listen to instructors (seating with whiteboards), as well as active learning stations for students to do hands-on activities (tables) these spaces can be thought of and designed as ‘rooms’ within the overall outdoor space, and should always be in clear sight of the teacher/instructor
  • 2.The outdoor learning space should not look the same as the indoor learning space – instead of square or rectangular spaces, think circles and ovals
  • 3.The outdoor learning site should be designed for access and inclusion for persons using assistive devices – make sure that seating areas and tables have pathways wide enough for students using wheelchairs or walking frames
  • 4.The site of the outdoor learning should not be far from toilets/wash stations and first aid
  • 5.There should be clear boundaries to the outdoor learning site, and a designated whole group meeting point in case of emergency
  • 6.Teachers and supervisors should have clear sightlines to supervise their groups at all times
  • 7.The site of the outdoor learning should have electricity, wifi and phone access
  • 8.The outdoor learning site should maximise opportunities for students to engage with natural elements and learn from nature (trees plants, water, gardens)
  • 9.Where students are working with tablets and computers, there will need to be protections from glare
  • 10.Consider the thermal comfort of students and teachers – this will vary with climate and time of year, but could mean a need for shade or a need for heating/blankets
  • 11.The outdoor learning site will need space for dry storage
  • 12.The outdoor learning site will need space for display of work
  • 13.The outdoor learning site will need a space for or access to sheltering from rain or snow

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on how to create an outdoor classroom at your specific area.