Playground equipment that is fun and built to last

For almost 50 years KOMPAN has supplied the world with industry-leading commercial playground equipment. From classics such as swings, slides and playhouses, to rope play and climbing nets, to nature play-inspired Robinia wood equipment, we have a solution to suit any space. Decades of experience means that regardless of the specific requirements of your project, we can offer a unique age-appropriate solution that will empower people of all ages to play, grow, learn and develop. We design playground equipment that is backed by extensive research and user testing to ensure that it's fun, packed with play value, and encourages physical and cognitive development.

In addition to high-quality play solutions, KOMPAN also offers some of the best commercial outdoor fitness equipment available. Our fitness solutions are easy to use, are adjustable and scaleable for all abilities, are supported by digital interactivity, and deliver real physical benefits to the user.

With a lifetime warranty on many structural elements, you can be confident in the knowledge that your investment is built to last. 

KOMPAN delivers fun and engaging playgrounds to a broad range of commercial sectors to achieve our aim of creating happier, healthier communities. Let's play!



Each and every day for over 45 years, we’ve been striving to create the ultimate play experience with rope playgrounds.

For this year’s catalogue we’ve turned our attention to new inspirational playgrounds.

Whatever you’re looking for, we hope our new ideas will inspire even more play and fun!

The best part? With ropes, any shape, colour, size and play theme is possible.

Let’s Play!

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