Multiple challenges in a simple, scalable system

BLOQX™ offers an entirely unique and intense climbing experience. Sometimes exhausting – even for a tween or a teen! That’s why the design accommodates rewarding hang-outs on the upper surface of the pentagon shapes.

The BLOQX™ design became a favoured selfie platform, which tells us that BLOQX™ has made its mark with the target group, tweens and teenagers. That’s pretty cool.

The sculptural concept behind the BLOQX™ elements makes the design a favourite among landscape architects looking for a solution that complements modern urban spaces.

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Climbing is a popular, challenging sport that tests children’s strength and coordination. Built on the idea of multiple challenges, KOMPAN BLOQX lets schoolchildren and teenagers experience climbing like never before. With its iconic, geometric shape, impressive size and professional climbing grips, a BLOQX on your playground will draw kids like a magnet. BLOQX is all about instant action and involvement. It provides a world of opportunities for making up games, creating special routes around the structure, pushing each child’s individual limits, or just hanging out with friends. With its “modern sculpture” appearance, BLOQX is a perfect fit for urban environments. So come on – grab hold and let the BLOQXING begin!

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