One seat swing

The sturdy baby seat of the Baby Seat Swing is an irresistible invitation for infants and their care givers. The swinging motion of the Baby Seat Swing will make infants want to swing again and again. There are several benefits of this: firstly, the swing seat supports the seated infant all around so that the feeling of security is guaranteed. Secondly, the rubber seat is placed in a good height for the infant to be in eye level with other children. The swinging motion trains the child's motor skills, specifically the sense of balance and space. Seated while swinging also trains the core muscles, all of these physical skills are fundamental to the infants ability to walk and navigate the surroundings securely. The action also stimulates the understanding of cause and effect and thinking skills. Socially, swinging and getting pushed in the swing seat by parents, care givers or siblings is great fun.

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Product number: NRO902

Art: Robinia Swings

Series: Nature Play

1 - 4


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Organic Robinia by KOMPAN

KOMPAN’s organic Robinia range offers a full range of equipment including post and platform structures, playhouses, swings, springers and much more. Create the ultimate nature play space!

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