Play Hut with Stairway

The Play Hut with Stairway is a wildly attractive playground item, with its multitude of activities. The stairway up has nice support ropes in the sides. This aids children up and down. This journey trains cross-coordination skills, which are fundamental motor skills to develop e.g. The ability to read. Up on the platform, children can take the slide down and enjoy a tickle in the stomach. Apart form the fun of it, this trains balance skills. The alternative route out from the platform is via the stepping pods with support ropes. These also hugely train the sense of Balance. This is a fundamental motor skill, that is basic for the development of all other skills. The sense of balance for instance makes it possible for children to sit still and concentrate. So the fun of physical play supports child development. The spaciousness allows for ample social interaction and cooperative play.
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Product number: NRO703

Art: Robinia Play Systems

Series: Nature Play



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Product animation
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