Train Play Sculpture

This play sculpture concept from KOMPAN Design Studio can have the design, size and play activities that fit your needs.

The Train and Wagon present a fun and challenging play experience for children aged four and up. In the train cabin, a large dashboard motivates dramatic play and develops logical thinking. The train’s smokestack is a circular space to climb through, and a 3-dimensional net allows access to the space under the train. The freight carriage, apart from inspiring use of language in imaginative dramatic play, stimulates physical play through climbing and sli ding. All the inside and outside meeting points support social interaction.

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Product Number: 
Age group: 
Dimensions LxWxH: 
1180 x 721 x 342 cm

Max. fall height:
209.00 cm
Safety surfacing area:
91.90 m2
Numbers of installers (persons):
Anchoring options:
Product photo
Product photo
Product photo

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