Robinia Obstacle courses

Bringing jungle fun to any environment

Want to bring the best bits of Ninja Warrior and 'the floor is lava' to your playground whilst retaining a nature play principle and aesthetic? Robinia obstacle courses are your answer. These parkour and agility-based pieces are well-suited to a variety of settings and scenarios.

A Robinia obstacle course is a challenge that children of all ages and abilities will want to take on. The rich variety of balancing, swaying and climb-and-crawl activities are great fun and great training for fundamental physical (e.g. balance) and social-emotional life skills. A sense of balance is necessary for concentrating and even being able to sit still. When playing, children also develop skills in turn-taking, consideration of others and cooperation.

Sometimes referred to as 'trim trails,' these obstacle courses are popular solutions for schools, public council parks, residential property developments and estate, or any environment that seeks to physically challenge and develop the user.

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