Playhouses and Themed Play

Familiar, child-sized spaces in a big world

With its child-scale size, KOMPAN’s open playhouses are a strong play motivator for the youngest. The open ends and walls widen the play space, making room for many children playing together from both the inside and the outside. KOMPAN’s themed play elements encourage dramatic play in children, which again stimulates the child’s language development and cognition.

Playhouses are where children make some of their earliest memories, and are a must for commercial spaces being designed for toddlers or pre-schoolers.

Our play panels and play elements are results of decades of research, testing and product development, and offer a range of learning and developmental benefits for users. Playhouses support and facilitate a wide variety of imaginative and dramatic play which is important for building socialisation skills and language development.

KOMPAN's playhouses are ergonomic and age-appropriate in size, and are available in a variety of materials and colours to suit any environment.

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