Bouncing Equipment

Bouncing up and down on Jumpers is one of the most popular activities in a playground

Children will be highly attracted to the Jumper, and to the sensation of jumping up and down repeatedly. The Jumper's small footprint makes it a great accompaniment to any play space, and acts as a great design cue to connect different areas when set out like a pathway. This encourages popular games like 'The Floor is Lava.'

Jumping is a fantastic activity for motor skills such as balance, proprioception and rhythm. Virtually every large muscle group gets a workout when jumping up and down. Additionally, the act of jumping on and off the Jumper builds bone density. Bone density is primarily built during early youth, so to build strong bones for life children should experience weight-bearing activity as often as possible. There aren't too many more thrilling ways to perform this movement as a child than whilst on a Jumper!

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