Freestanding Play Equipment

Playgrounds do not necessarily need to take up a lot of space. Even one or two high-quality thoughtfully selected stand-alone pieces of play equipment can spark curiosity and playfulness in children. Within KOMPAN freestanding play equipment, you will find everything from timeless classics such as swings, slides and playhouses to innovative and inclusive carousels and climbing nets. Choose from a broad portfolio of equipment that can stand alone, be grouped together, or be set out around a larger structure from our Play Systems range.

Freestanding play equipment is designed to engage and develop children with creative, physical and social play. Each of the play items focus at least on one play activity, but KOMPAN always aims to add layers of activity meaning there should be multiple ways of experiencing the play activity for all ages and abilities. 

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Commercial playround equipment for all ages and abilities, built to stimulate the physical and cognitive development of children. From swings and slides to cableways and playhouses, we produce high quality and safe playground equipment. We offer both timeless classics and out of this world playground innovation, making it easy for you to choose a unique solution that will stimulate child development.

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