Climbing Domes & Arches


Corocord Climbing Domes and Arches are true WOW solutions that offer endless opportunities to explore and play for numerous children at the same time.

With net layers spanning between huge steel arches, they offer a unique combination of versatile play activities within a small footprint.

The variety of physical, cognitive and social challenges that make play and activities appeal to 6 to 12 years old are all contained within one climbing Dome and Arch framework. 

The varied physical, cognitive and social challenges that make play and activity appeal to 6-12-year olds are all contained within one big framework for all Corocord Climbing Domes and Arches. 

And even the mini versions will add to any play area the bouncy climbing and varied balancing challenges that benefit this age group. Corocord climbing Domes are available in a very compact form with only one arch or as expansive installations under a dome of robust steel arches.

The rope nets in their interior, in many cases equipped with colourful membranes, climbing walls and other elements, provide varied and limitless playing fun at all times.

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