Corocord™ Rope Playground Equipment

Climbing is often a childhood favourite childhood, and from a development perspective, climbing structures offer a host of different development benefits and opportunities. This simple yet effective outdoor playground item is designed to stimulate children's minds and promote physical activity in a fun and safe manner. 

Having good climbing skills helps children develop proprioception, an essential sensory system. In addition, rope playgrounds offer cognitive and social learning experiences as they encourage children to play with others, invent games and practice their communication skills.

To learn more about the benefits of climbing, read the KOMPAN Play Institute research paper Climbing Clever.

KOMPAN's rope climbing nets and structure comes in many shapes, heights and forms that can be standalone pieces or integrated with a space to offer variation in play. From sky-high towers to loopsdomesarchesagility trailsspace nets and climbing frames, KOMPAN has a solution for all. 

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