Two-mast Octa Net, 8.7m

The Two-Mast Octa Net supports thrill, socializing, and physical development. Children will spend a good amount of time exploring the ways they can move their bodies, climbing the structure, and discovering the interiors of this carefully designed playscape. The carefully designed features support the development of agility, balance and coordination as well as spatial awareness when climbing and sitting in the net. The careful design of the nets is scaled to the size of children in this age group, maximizing their play experience, and encouraging children to stay and play longer. In addition to the physical benefits, this is an incredibly enjoyable social space, due to the transparent design. This will attract children and their parents, creating a space for healthy family fun, promoting healthy living through play.

Color option

Two-mast Octa Net, 8.7 m

Red, Inground 100cm


Product number: COR42432

Art: Spacenets™

Series: Corocord™ rope playground



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