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WHO DOES NOT WANT TO BE AT THE TOP? Corocord Play Towers offer the greatest variety to get up there! Being high above the ground is an attraction of its own. However, various net climbers make sure the fun starts already while reaching for the top. On the Small Kontiki, the ascent will be rewarded with a great outlook and a speedy sliding back down from 2-3 metres height. The Play Towers are even reaching higher: A three-dimensional system of flat nets and a vertical climbing tunnel provide a safe and enlightening climbing tour. The translucence of their skins provides a great insight from the outside and vice versa.

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This also applies to the Jelly Fish. Its round form stimulates children’s fantasy and inspires role play in many ways. Watch out: The tentacles ‘catch’ children and keep them playing for hours. The sculpture-like Cube Towers are packed with surprises and play activities. Each level offers a new colourful world of play, and different climbing challenges need to be solved on the way to the top. Take a shortcut down: The almost invisible wire tunnel outside the most elevated cubes offers a nerve-wrecking thrill.

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