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The Corocord bridges are elementary structures that should not be lacking in any playground! It’s not just about the excitement of the height, it’s also about getting there, daring to step on the ropes while seeing the ground. Everything is moving and shaking, and the prickling feeling makes everyone laugh loudly. Above and below! Hang from the bottom of the Rope Net Bridge, or climb on the roof of the Rope Tunnel Bridge; there is no limit. Imagine being a rope artist on the Coconut Rope Bridge or take a gentle walk on the wooden slats, but watch out: One more user will trouble the smooth waves of the flexible floor – what fun!

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Excellent materials warrant joyful playing for decades. Corocord ropes bear their quality secret inside: With a patented technology, the synthetic yarn is inductive melted on the steel strands in the core, minimising the risk of fraying rope floors due to tear and wear. Form follows fun! Resembling his big brothers, the spectacular Small Suspension Bridge offers everybody big fun while running and jumping on the rubber belt. And it looks like an architectural masterpiece.

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