Explorer Dome

It's a jungle of fun! Amazing meandering nets, ropes and wobbly play items make play unstoppable for the older children. The spacious top net is a desired meeting point for groups of children. The ways to climb and reach the multiple play levels are many, via; nets, wacky tubes, rope ladders, play shells or coconut ropes. This rich variety of climbing, crawling and balancing make children come back again and again to refine and supersede previous attempts at climbing the nets. The multitude of twisted, bouncing balancing and climbing events intensely support the child's motor skills ABC; agility, balance and coordination. Their spatial awareness is stimulated due to the transparency of the rope structure, also making social interaction easy. Socialising, turn-taking and empathy are social-emotional skills for life which are used repeatedly when playing on the Explorer Dome.

Color option

Explorer Dome

Green, Surf -40cm exp.b


Product number: COR86300

Art: Domes & Arches

Series: Corocord™ rope playground



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