Agility Package 17

The huge scale of Agility Package 17 will attract and engage all ages. The rich variety of balancing, swaying and climb-and-crawl activities are great to help develop children's sense of balance, which is fundamental for managing a range of life skills. When playing The Ground is Lava on the challenging loops of the Agility Package 17, children develop motor skills and muscles. But they also use and build important social-emotional skills such as turn-taking, empathy, teamworking and communication skills. The bouncy, swaying range of challenging play makes the Agility Package 17 a high retention play event that manages to support children's development through fun play.

Color option

Agility Package 17

Red, Inground 110cm


Product number: COR10170

Art: Agility Nets

Series: Corocord™ rope playground



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