Play - a word that is synonymous with setting the mind free, using your imagination and creativity. High-quality industrial playground equipment offers many psychological and physical benefits and challenges. 


A playground is so much more than just a way of entertaining children. It's an outdoor recreational hub for socialisation, development and growth. That's why, here at KOMPAN, we have spent years researching and testing our industrial playground equipment to ensure Australian communities can have the best possible play experiences. 

Explore our comprehensive range of evergreen playground equipment like swings, slides, springers, seesaws, play structures, sand and water play stations, and so much more! 

What is the best combination of playground equipment?

There are so many choices to make when designing or updating a playground. 

Which style? Should it have a theme? Who is the target user group? Is there more than one? What capacity is needed? Should I focus on certain play activities? What is the budget? Maybe you are looking for a natural playground?

These are just a few of the questions that can influence how you choose your specific playground equipment. At KOMPAN, we offer thousands of commercial playground equipment solutions, and we are experts at helping you find that unique combination that meets your exact budget and vision. 

Not sure where to begin or looking for inspiration that will spark your imagination? Check out KOMPAN's inspiration solutions or get in contact with us to start an enquiry. 

The largest commercial playground manufacturer in Australia

KOMPAN offers a complete range of commercial playground equipment. You can choose between single-user playground equipment or multi-user play structures in different styles, themes, materials, and colours without our assortment. With more than 1000 products to choose from, you are sure to find the look and functionality that best suits your project's vision. 

Altnertaivly if you have a unique playground vision or story, the KOMPAN Design Studio can work directly with you to bring your visionary ideas to life. 

Durable and safe playground equipment 

From swings, to playhousescarousels or larger play towers, KOMPAN ensures that you are getting safe, high-quality playground equipment that is also incredibly durable. Our equipment is designed, engineered, manufactured and tested to Australian Safety Standards. 

Playground equipment packed with play-value 

Knowledge is the foundation for making KOMPAN play products as good as they can be. To ensure that knowledge is anchored into our culture, we have established the KOMPAN Play Institute.


The KOMPAN Play Institute is a unit of play specialists dedicated to developing, documenting and researching play and playgrounds. The KOMPAN Play Institute follows and conducts continuous play and child development research and has a strong focus on studying what inspires children to play whilst developing physically, social-emotionally and cognitive creatively.

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