Parc Monceau

In the big-city hustle and bustle of Paris, this leafy park is an urban oasis to relax and have fun

It is totally appropriate that Parc Monceau in Paris has a KOMPAN playground. If the architect responsible for the 18th-century park, Louis Carmontelle, were alive, we'd be begging him to come and work for KOMPAN! His views on recreational and public space, and how people could get the most out of it, were way ahead of his time, and mirror those of present-day designers. The children of Paris’s 8th Arrondissement would agree. The playground is a valuable addition to the park that was previously notable for its collection of interesting follies - various architectural statements and ornaments placed throughout the park in the 1700s.

Check it out in the video below.

Plentiful play value in the middle of Paris

Parc Monceau’s playground features need to appeal to local Parisian children who are used to climbing endless flights of stairs in their apartment blocks. The carousels, springers and swings introduce kids to a different kind of movement, and the freedom of the dome-shaped climbing net empowers them to push their bodies, develop and express themselves in a novel way. The playground is designed with multiple zones, each focusing on a specific play value. There is a place for toddlers to take it easy, and there is also a place for older kids to be wild. In the public park of Parc Monceau, the entire family can have fun!





Social play in Parc Monceau

Imaginary play in Parc Monceau

It's necessary … to preserve the charm that one encounters …and to renew it with each step, so that the visitor in his soul will have the desire to revisit the garden every day and to possess it for himself. The true art is to know how to keep the visitors there, through a variety of objects.

Louis Carmontelle

Artist, writer and architect, on park design in 1773.

Parc Monceau

Île-de-France, Paris 75008, France