North Tampa Christian Academy

A playground as part of the learning

Often playgrounds are ‘add-ons’ to existing plans, but the greenfield opportunity at North Tampa Christian Academy allowed KOMPAN to contribute to a higher quality learning experience. This new school in Florida broke with conventional education design practice when they commissioned the architects who took a revolutionary approach to classrooms and space. When introduced to KOMPAN’s team of designers, they seized the chance to make the playground an integral part of the overall school experience. Now learning needn't stop as the students exit the classroom, but it can also take place in the outdoors.

Active play and active learning

This project contains features a variety of KOMPAN equipment. There’s a natural feel with organic Robinia playing an important role bridging the gap between the innovative digital classrooms and the great outdoors. The Forest Lake Boat and Wizard’s Hideaways stimulate young imaginations, whilst the challenge of conquering the Explorer Dome and enjoying 360-degree views is perfect for students in need of a physical challenge. The Supernova attracts kids like a magnet, teaching them to communicate and cooperate while they maintain their balance. 








We want active play and active learning . . . . in fact we consider these playgrounds as outdoor learning spaces.

Orton Varona


North Tampa Christian Academy

North Tampa Christian Academy

Florida, Tampa , USA