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With the new AR app, ImaginIt, you can create a playground or fitness space in augmented reality right where you are. 

Simply select the equipment you like, point to the ground in front of you and voilà, the site appears in real-time right there next to you. 

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A helping hand to fuel your imagination

Imagining what your next dream play or fitness site will look like can be difficult. Our new app ImaginIt helps you to release your imagination and design an exciting new play or fitness space in augmented reality. Simply, point your phone or tablet to your open space, select the equipment you like and start placing them. Before you know it, a cool new fitness site located right on the harbourside is appearing before your eyes.  

It works anywhere

Whether you are inside using the app to present your idea at a meeting or onsite, you can place equipment on a scale that fits the environment. Just use the ratio feature and select the products in the size that fits where you are.  

The app uses the camera on your phone or tablet to visualise how your playground or fitness area will look like right then and there. 

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