Twisted landmark

Loaded with innovative physical and sensory play

Alive and eager to play

Imposing and exhilarating, even from a distance, the SkyTwister’s five long sweeping legs give the impression of movement and grace. Walk around it, and you will experience how the panels react to the different times of the day, and changing weather. Curious?


Options to change the look and activities


Visual expression

Choose between Dichroic top panels or graphical print transparent panels and different colour of posts, ropes and membranes to create a striking design.


Physical play activities

The challenging climbing net twists like a vortex all the way to the top, and it can be extended outside the tower too.


Sense of feeling

Stimulate through sensory play with dragon scales or the rollers. 


Play with the visual sense

Panels with moiré effect get children to wonder. The changing patterns capture their attention and develop logical thinking. 


Hang out together

The Hangout Pod is a cool place to meet, relax, and find your balance because it can bounce and sway.


Children ask, how do the colours change?

The top of the Sensory SkyTwister has coloured dichroic panels. Dichroic panels are multi-coloured and change appearance depending on where you stand, the environment and where the light is coming from. The dichroic filter in the panels selectively pass light of a small range of colours while reflecting other colours, and that gives this wonderous rainbow effect. 

While the colours of the rainbow are created and reflected, children wonder how this can be and train thinking and reasoning skills. The dichroic filter adds colour, but you can still see-through, and that makes a whole lot of fun. Suddenly your friends and carers below change colour through this lens from the top of the tower.

Children are attracted to and amused by the rainbow effects when they look at the world through the coloured glass and discover the fun colour reflections. It evokes a sense of wonder.

Jeanette Fich Jespersen

Head of KOMPAN Play Institute

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