Time to get your heart rate up!

KOMPAN’s innovative new outdoor fitness bike is designed to attract and be useable by everyone, from those new to cardio training and working out, to the most seasoned fitness and cycling enthusiasts.

Good urban and open space planning should result in options for exercising and staying active being abundant in the public realm. The new KOMPAN bike is designed and manufactured to be placed in any outdoor environment, giving users a compelling opportunity to fit a quick workout into their busy lives.

There are no excuses! Get started, burn calories, race your friends, have fun and be healthy.

Outdoor Stationary Bike

Cycling is one of the most popular cardiovascular exercises, both in Australia and around the world. It is safe, effective and simple – everyone knows how to ride a bike. Cycling is great for losing weight and building muscle whilst minimising impact on joints. Riding a stationary bike also negates deterrents to cycling commonly cited by people who are hesitant to ride a bike for exercise.

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The KOMPAN fitness bike combines the advanced technology and features associated with indoor exercise bikes with a durable outdoor design. This means it’s perfect for unsupervised public spaces and parks as well as dedicated outdoor sports areas such as gyms, leisure centres and sports clubs. Users can easily adjust saddle height and cycling resistance to match their body, posture and fitness level. And, in what is a world first, it is now possible for users to track workout power, cadence and calories on a stationary bike designed for outdoor public spaces. Empowering people to track their performance and progress towards their goals makes them far more likely to stick to a workout routine and stay active.

A cycling class in the outdoors is a realistic possibility for councils, gyms and sports centres now. Who’s going to be the first to 'get on the bike'?

Design Features


Two different bike frame designs to suit everyone

Choose the City Bike for a comfortable, upright riding style and low access point, or opt for the Sport Bike for a more streamlined, racing-style posture.


Patent-Pending Technology

With an innovative Automatic-Drive-feature, the bike utilises innovative machine learning to automatically adjust resistance depending on the user’s pedalling speed and cadence. 


Multi Handle Bar

Designed with multiple hand positions to accommodate different riding styles. Room for optional screen, two bottle holders, and a phone and tablet holder are all included.


Optional Screen

7” LCD colour touchscreen made from vandalism-proof protection glass; gives real-time data on cycling speed, distance travelled, cadence, watts and calories burned.

Stay connected and compete while you exercise

Motivation is a crucial factor in reaching one’s exercise goals. Exercising needs to be fun, and that’s why the KOMPAN bike is about more than just keeping the wheels spinning. The optional screen greatly enhances the experience by providing data to the user. This same output can also be achieved on bikes without the screen.

The KOMPAN Cardio app offers the same functionality as the screen, and much more. Users can connect to the app via Bluetooth, view instructional and motivational videos, track and save their rides, and share to external platforms such as Strava, Apple Health and Google Fit. The KOMPAN Cardio app also syncs with third party apps like Vescape and Zwift, allowing users to gamify their cycling experience: ride virtual roads in picturesque locations, complete structured workouts, and join in social group rides with users from around the world.

A connected cycling experience makes it easier for people to track progress against goals, and change up stale workouts, meaning they’re more likely to stick to their workout routine.

The KOMPAN Cardio app is available in App Store and Google Play.

Why Cardio is Important

A good level fitness means a better chance of a long and healthy life, mentally as well as physically. Aerobic exercise is one of the most straightforward and effective ways to reduce the risk of chronic disease. Exercise has also been found to be beneficial for mental wellbeing, and can potentially reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Aerobic exercise workouts can be quick, effective and motivating when carried out on a way that is scaleable and caters for differing intensities. The KOMPAN Fitness Bike does just that.

For the public sector, infrastructure investments that improves the health, fitness and wellbeing of citizens and residents is key. A focus on prevention rather than treatment is key.

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The bike utilises innovative machine learning technology. For users who are in poor shape or who are new to cycling, the bike will provide optimal resistance and workload. For those who are very fit or who are experienced cyclists, the bike will adjust accordingly, giving the user a high-intensity, challenging workout.

Morten Zacho

KOMPAN Fitness Institute

Made for the Outdoors

The bike is designed and manufactured for the outdoor environment, meaning its durable and resistant against weather, vandalism and general wear-and-tear. Only the highest quality materials are selected for all components from handle bar to pedal arm. This ensures the bike looks and feels great, even after lots of use in unsupervised public spaces.

Two different installations are available – surface-mounted and inground installation. This means they can be installed anywhere. There are no compliance requirements in terms of surfacing, and with a self-powered design, there’s no need for electricity.

The bike is certified by TÜV SÜD according to EN 16630 and complies with ASTM F3101. In addition, the bike is certified by UL according to UL 1647 and CSA C22.2 No. 68.

Watch the video for a technical run-through of the bike.

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