Leisure: Hotels, Camping Grounds, Zoos, Theme Parks, and Restaurants


Leisure clients want to attract customers to visit their destination and enjoy themselves. A wowing playground with loads of play value can be a vital part of this. KOMPAN tailors solutions for leisure sectors to have a high wow factor, a playground that attracts children and adults to travel. A high stay factor playground with loads of play value is a great way to make sure customers enjoy themselves and come back time and time again.

We are happy to share with you how to design a playground for hotels, camping grounds, zoos, shopping centres, theme parks, museums, holiday parks, restaurants, etc.

Here are some examples of customers that have achieved their goals.

What our Leisure customers have to say: 

Theme Park

At Futuroscope, every zone has to be attractive! When a zone is attractive visitors stay longer and spend more time at restaurants and shops. Therefore, a playground has been placed in every zone. All the playgrounds have been thematized and designed in close cooperation between KOMPAN and Futuroscope’s artistic department to correspond with the themes of each specific zone in the park.


Nestled in the grounds of the luxury Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore and surrounded by lush greenery, this pirate ship feature is a magnet for travelling children and families. At this hotel parents can relax and enjoy their stay at the Shangri-La while their children play in a safe, supervised area.

Camping Ground

In Assens, the campsite did not attract families with children before, but just after one year of having their space-themed playground, the campsite is full of laughing children throughout the season! At CampOne’s five camping sites around Denmark, KOMPAN playgrounds are one of their key characteristics, and each got its own theme.

Safari Park

Whenever the zoo conducts visitor satisfaction surveys, the playgrounds are always highlighted. Visitors normally spent about six hours at the zoo, and only about one-third of the time is spent looking at the animals, the rest is spent on recreational activities, such as the playgrounds.

Beach Restaurant

The famous beach restaurant Sansibar on the German island Sylt is popular for its exclusivity and quality of food and ambience. But there is another attraction that is particular exciting for families - the huge robinia playground. While parents enjoy the beautiful location with a glass of vine, the little ones experience incredible play adventures.

City Zoo

The new organic Robinia playground is so popular that opening hours have been extended and revenue, in terms of annual passes and kiosk sales, dramatically increased. Also on the positive side, parents can relax with a coffee whilst always having their happy children in sight.

Camping Ground

Kinsarvik Camping near Bergen in Norway is a popular vacation destination. With 70% of its guests being families, it was important for the owners to cater for children. So they built a playground with a variety of different kinds of play, and the children are left in no doubt – camping holidays are fun-filled as they enjoy the numerous and exciting play features.

Castle Park

Over the years, the count of Egeskov has invested in play equipment in order to make the castle grounds inviting for families with children. The count created the popular Play Forest. A large, green park area with an aray of equipment from KOMPAN. The park holds fun and challenges for children of all ages, and even the parents can become short of breath when climbing Denmark's tallest COROCORD Spacenet.