Henry Rolland Park

The colour, the forms and the setting attract people to come and exercise by Lake Burley Griffin

In the centre of Canberra on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin, a new KOMPAN outdoor gym in Henry Rolland Park headlines a fantastic new open space placemaking initiative from the City Renewal Authority. The combination of high tech, scaleable, easy-to-use equipment and the convenient, picturesque location means Henry Rolland Park has a dedicated following across weekdays and weekends.

The tall orange arches framing the Cross Systems equipment from KOMPAN make people curious and draw them in, and the functionality of the equipment gets them exercising. Location is key. Henry Rolland Park is located close to the CBD and adjacent to an important active transport link, so this equipment is used early in the morning by commuters before work, city workers on their lunchbreak, apartment dwellers in the evening and day trippers on the weekend.

Outdoor fitness that's free to use and open 24/7

The equipment at Henry Rolland Park promotes cross training for all ages and abilities. There is no minimum physical entry level, everyone can use it: teenagers, mother's groups, the elderly, and of course fitness enthusiasts.

Pull up and parallel bars along with suspension trainers offer over 100 different exercises. The most popular exercises are shown on signage to assist users, but more inspiration can be found with the KOMPAN Sport & Fitness app. The app can monitor your training and help you find exercises for a personalised workout based on individual needs. Overall it is a fresh approach to fitness, one free of stale and sweaty airconditioned air and frustrating subscription fees.






The app is really good, especially if you are confused about what you can do or how to do an exercise. It’s really detailed and good animation.


Outdoor Exerciser

Henry Rolland Park

Australian Capital Territory, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

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