Grand Linear Park Australia

Property developers AVID Property have opened Queensland's first linear park in their Harmony Estate on the Sunshine Coast.



The size and layout of the park - which covers the length of 10 football fields and spans more than five hectares - means that 90 percent of Harmony residents live within 250 metres of a local park.

A 30-metre, 360 degree Corocord Loop is the park's showstopper, and another Queensland first. The spectacular structure offers up climbing challenges for all - the variety of gradients and heights means there's a wealth of progressive, age-appropriate climbing action to be had.

The custom-designed Corocord Loop Swing is the first of its kind in Australia. Its flowing form includes eight seats, which are a mixture of toddler, classic and Bird's Nest seats.

AVID Property have ensured kids won't be hogging all the fun, with a selection of award-winning Cross Systems fitness equipment rounding out the space. A combination of Magnetic Bells, Suspension Trainer, Pull Up Bars and Parallel Bars empower locals to work out in the outdoors.

The project was created and delivered in conjunction with Queensland local partners, Urban Play.

Grand Linear Park Australia

Queensland, Harmony Palmview 4553, Australia