Futuroscope playground

Imagine seeing the world from a hot air balloon 

Imagine seeing the world from a hot air balloon 

In the exploration and technology-focused French Theme Park, Futuroscope, they use playgrounds to create fun and exciting zones around the large park with 21 attractions. Futuroscope is renowned for its high-tech attractions and futuristic buildings; therefore, KOMPAN's innovative playgrounds fit in perfectly.   

At Futuroscope, every zone has to be attractive! When spaces are attractive, visitors are likely to stay longer and spend more time at restaurants and shops. Therefore, a playground has been placed in every zone. Furthermore, all the playgrounds have been thematized and designed in close collaboration between KOMPAN and Futuroscope's creative department to correspond with the themes of each specific zone in the park. 


Playgrounds that WOW

Playgrounds that WOW

The spectacular and wowing hot air balloon is guaranteed to deliver hours of fun and challenging play for both children and adults. The custom-made tower is designed to reflect the popular Extraordinary Journey attraction, which takes its visitors on a virtual trip around the world in a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon playground brings hours of play and makes children want to stay while they train their muscle strength, balance, and cross-coordination skills when climbing the varied platforms. The playground also functions as a designated meeting point for families. In addition, playing on the hot air balloon trains children’s social-emotional skills such as cooperation and self-regulation. 




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