Finance - Annual report


KOMPAN introduced a new fitness training concept, designed to activate communities.

The new holistic and innovative training approach consists of 3 layers:1) Aesthetic and cleverly designed next generation fitness products suitable for all ages and abilities, 2) integrated digital training support and 3) an onsite trainer program.

A new ORGANIC Robinia design was launched - inspired by the organic shapes of nature itself and with all the uniqueness of the winding Robinia tree which has a high content of naturally occuring preservatives, so it does not need to be treated with chemicals for rot, etc. 
To ensure the best quality throughout the manufacturing process, KOMPAN has built a new world-class factory in Brno, the Czech Republic focusing only on the production of ORGANIC Robinia, where we employ quality carpenters and other craftsmen and women.



Revenue grew by 5% to DKK 1,419m, a new record. The multiyear strategy of increased investment in our sales and distribution network as well as increased investment in our product development continued, leading to a significant increase in the cost base. EBITA before special items therefore decreased, as expected, from DKK 190m to DKK 127m. Cash flow from operating activities was stable and amounted to DKK 129m.

KOMPAN went indoor with focus on quality, design, and a new flexible furnishing concept, based around specially designed indoor solutions, which support children’s well-being and motivate them to play and learn. The new award-winning concept has been very well received in the markets.