Early Learning Village

The world’s largest preschool has six KOMPAN playgrounds

Early Learning Village, created as a collaboration between two Singapore international schools, covers 50,000 square meters and has a capacity of 2,100 children. The ambitious schools strive to create the best environment possible for experimental play and active learning.

A natural design was an important motivating factor in the schools' selection of KOMPAN Robinia equipment. Blue skies, sand, greenery and wood incorporates nature into a high-density environment in which most children live in apartments. The six playgrounds are built on split levels where the children can play throughout the day. 

Where Preschool is Playschool

The playgrounds combine art, music, sand and water through adventurous play, and at every level they encourage self-directed exploration and sensory play. The combinations create a safe and playful environment for learning and fun for children up to the age of six.

In different “zones” the children can play with natural elements. The Sand Desk, Water Channel and Splash Table delight the senses and encourage contemplation, whilst active play unfolds on the Obstacle Courses, and it all comes together in the main play structures, The Wizard’s Tower and the Explorer Ship.

Through play children develop social and cognitive skills and gain the self-confidence to explore the world around them. The elements in the KOMPAN Robinia playgrounds challenge and provide endless hours of fun for all the young villagers.








"There are 6 dedicated large outside play areas to delight the senses where the blue sky meets textures of sand, greenery and wood. Every age group is thoughtfully catered for with different “zones” which encourage self-directed exploration and sensory inspiration."

Stamford American International School

Early Learning Village

Singapore, Singapore 554350, Singapore

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