Your imagination turned into a custom-made playground

Through the expertise of dedicated experts within KOMPAN's Design Studio, KOMPAN helps to transform your imagination into playmazing landmarks that just make people say - WOW!

Our custom playground solutions are founded on three distinct styles; ropes and steel, natural sculptures and classic structures. All playground solutions are constructed with revolutionary materials and are backed by extensive industry research.

All custom Corocord projects are based on steel and rope componentry, making each design highly durable, vandal-resistant and long-lasting for decades to come. Structures are not only architectural sculptures but are also highly customisable and will also challenge children to grow, learn and develop as they play.

If you are looking to add a touch of nature to your playscape KOMPAN's talented team of playground designers can create historical or meaningful play sculptures that are hand-crafted from sustainably sourced Robinia wood. 

Additionally, if you are looking to create a playable structure that is thematised, KOMPAN can create custom playgrounds that feature printed HDPE panels, which convey endless storylines. 



Regardless of your unique vision, site complexity, or budget, KOMPAN is an expert in creating custom playgrounds that are site responsive, fun, appealing, and will bring Australian families and communities together.



Together with our in-house team of Australian and global Designers Engineers, Architects and Play Institute, we will research, idealise and develop custom play solutions. KOMPAN understands that every playground is special and will ensure every design is architecturally appealing, functional, compliant, loaded with play-value, and will withstand the test of time.

Play Value

Play Value

Our design studio works directly with the KOMPAN Play Institute to ensure every custom playground provides physical, cognitive, and social developmental opportunities. Doing this ensures every outdoor custom solution is loaded with fun and engaging activities that have been loved and researched for more than 50 years.

Final Landmark

KOMPAN prides itself on being your long-life partner in play. Throughout the conception, engineering, manufacturing and construction phases, we will guide you and continue to support your project right through to the end of its asset life. That’s our promise and ensures your custom landmark is always ready to be enjoyed by Australian communities.

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We have over 45 years of experience and support you throughout the project.

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Artistic designs AND fun for the kids

The art is not so much making a landmark look nice. The true art lies in making the landmark look amazing while being just as amazing to play on.  

That's why we use a two-layer approach to design. The design should delight adults, and complement its surrounding environment, AND exhilarate kids with a large amount of play value incorporated within each design.