Your imagination turned into landmark

Through the expertise of dedicated experts within KOMPAN's Design Studio, KOMPAN helps to transform your imagination into playmazing landmarks that just make people say - WOW!



Tell us what you've imagined. Together, we can create a design concept that will express it. How would you imagine a treetop playground?


After researching the agreed concept, we draw up a design proposal for you to test ideas and ultimately create your final design.

Play Value

When the design is fixed, we use our 50 years experience in play to also make it WOW for the kids. Our engineers secure that the intended design is safe.

Final Landmark

We install your new landmark for you and will ensure it ready for years of spreading joy within your community.

Need advice?

We have over 45 years of experience and support you throughout the project.

Tell us about your project

Artistic designs AND fun for the kids

The art is not so much making a landmark look nice. The true art lies in making the landmark look amazing while being just as amazing to play on.  

That's why we use a two-layer approach to design. The design should delight adults, and complement its surrounding environment, AND exhilarate kids with a large amount of play value incorporated within each design.