Covington City Park USA

A spectacular community space for this small town in Indiana

The Robinia castle, the park's spectacular centerpiece, was popular before it was even built. When asked to draw their dream playground, the kids of Covington put a castle at the top of their fun list. So they got one! Surrounded by baseball fields, there is a competitive energy about the playground with its obstacle course and Spacenet. For the younger visitors there are swings and a toddler area, meaning the space caters for all ages. It has quickly become the new community hub of Covington!

A city of firsts

For a city of just 720 families, Covington City, Indiana in the USA sure punches above its weight. It's most recent 'first' is the first KOMPAN Robinia castle in the USA. Home to the author of the best-selling book, Ben Hur and the first mid-western town to have an indoor beach, the completion of this world-class community space has civic pride at an all-time high.

All the playground's main elements like the swings, springers, play structures etc. are in mature Robinia wood, so the equipment blends into the parkland and nature that surrounds it. The popularity of the space is such that it is becoming a drawcard for transient visitors and through-traffic, as well as attracting new families to move to the area.







We’ve even had people who have purchased homes in our city because of this playground. They’ve said, ‘this is what a playground should look like.‘


Amanda Strawser

President, Covington City Park Board  

Covington City Park

Indiana, Covington , USA

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