Corcoran Park Australia

This space in Townsville in North Queensland, featuring KOMPAN's first Obstacle Course to be installed in Australia, is a two-pronged play and fitness delight.

 Australia's first KOMPAN obstacle course is made up of:

  • Double Turbo Tower: users must use their bodyweight while they hang on to rotate the spinners, transferring themselves from one to the other as they spin,
  • Double Overhead Ladder: also known as the monkey bars, this classic obstacle course element requires users to 'monkey' themselves from one end to the other without touching the ground,
  • Jump Pods: users must jump precariously from pod to pod without losing their balance and touching the ground,
  • Over Under Bars: users hone their speed and agility by alternately passing over and under the bards, and
  • Wall with Net: users receive a grandstand finish, navigating the net and jumping down from the top of the wall.

Located in the middle of the obstacle course is a selection of award-winning Cross Systems equipment, including Parallel Bars, Magnetic Bells and Suspension Trainer. Coupled with the obstacle course, this equipment allows locals to complete full body, high-intensity workouts that include both cardio and strength exercises.

If that wasn't enough, situated adjacent to the outdoor gym is a terrific fenced playground, close enough for parents to exercise while supervising their kids. The Corocord Explorer Dome is packed with climbing play value, and the MomentsPre-School Double Tower is perfect for the littlies. Swings (including classic, toddler and Bird's Nest seats), a see-saw and a Multispinner Carousel complete the space.

This project was created and delivered in conjunction with Queensland local partners, Urban Play.



Corcoran Park Australia

Queensland, Townsville 4812, Australia