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Corocord Inspirational Brochure

Turning themes, ideas and stories into architectural play landmarks. 

Main Catalogue 2021

Our market-leading range is inclusive for all ages and abilities, covers every potential category and accommodates every stage of development and play needs.



ELEMENTS™ ESSENTIALS is built on a premium quality platform and ensures a high activity level, long play times and an all-round physical development of children. And, it fits most budgets, too. Explore your options in the catalogue.


Enjoy our Sky-high Themed Play Landmarks gathered in this inspirational brochure. 

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture plays an important role in our communties, by adding an inviting and social atmosphere, a place to meet and socialise, or simply just a moment of rest.

Robinia Play Sculptures

Our Robinia Play Sculptures catalogue gives you a view into a world of unique custom play sculptures

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