Aura Treehouse

A community heart in the City of Colour

In most residential property developments, the parks and playgrounds are designed and built after residents have moved in. In the new city of Aura on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, the playground came first! Aura has been awarded a 6 Star Green Star - Communities rating by the Green Building Council of Australia, the first time an Australian city will be designed, developed and measured against this system. A bit like the centerpiece KOMPAN Corocord playground that was part of the first phase. This excellence in sustainability is another parallel between KOMPAN and Aura.

Each weekend the Treehouse playground attracts thousands of would-be homebuyers, and is undoubtedly a key factor in persuading them to become residents. The playground’s theme was inspired by nature and then developed to fit into Aura's 'City of Colour' branding.

This space was delivered in conjunction with KOMPAN's local partners for Queensland, Urban Play.

Built to WOW

Just like KOMPAN itself, the Treehouse playground at the Stockland Aura Sales and Vision Centre was borne out of observation. The design and play value are both influenced by the thrill and fun of climbing trees, and specifically hollow tree stumps. The design is unique, and the features that combine to make it so, are fully flexible and customiseable. The Sky Walk, fast slides, climbing net and balance rope are an irresistible mixture that maximises thrill and fun without compromising on safety.







They love the rope walks. I think it's the fear factor because it’s up so high – that’s the fun factor.

Shaun Egan

Design Principal, Place Design Group

Aura Treehouse

Queensland, Aura 4551, Australia