5 Tips for an Efficient Cardio Workout

The KOMPAN Fitness Bike allows you to exercise at the intensity that works for you.

The bike makes it easy to make quick adjustments to the resistance and workload – either by increasing or decreasing pedaling speed or by changing it manually via the touchscreen or KOMPAN Cardio app. This means the bike is perfect for scientifically-proven efficient training methods leading to training that takes less time and is more fun.

Warm Up

Always warm up for about 5 minutes. Choose a resistance level that is not too strenuous, but still challenging enough to raise your heart rate and breathing.

#1 - 10-Second Intervals

  • Sprint for 10 seconds as fast as you can.
  • Then pedal for 50 seconds at a very easy pace.
  • Repeat 10 times.

Note that the 10 second sprint must be an all-out effort.

Total duration: 15 minutes.

#2 - 30-Second Intervals

  • Bike with a high level of resistance for 30 seconds. Aim for your maximum possible workload for the full 30 seconds.
  • Then pedal at an easy pace for 1.5 minutes.
  • Repeat 8 times.

Total duration: 21 minutes.

#3 - 1-Minute Intervals

  • Bike at a relatively hard pace for 1 minute. The pace must be hard enough for your breathing to be markedly increased by the end of the minute.
  • Then go slow for another minute.
  • Repeat this 8 times.

Total duration: 21 minutes.

#4 - 3-Minute Intervals

  • Bike at a moderately hard pace for 3 minutes. You should be just above “the talk threshold”, which means that longer sentences will be noticeably disrupted by breathing.
  • Then go 2 minutes at an easy pace.
  • Repeat this four times.

Total duration: 25 minutes.

#5 - Continuous Exercise

  • Find the highest resistance and workload you can maintain for the entire exercise period.
  • Do a total of 20 minutes after the warm-up. 

Total duration: 25 minutes.



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