10 Advantages of an Outdoor Stationary Bike

A traditional bicycle v an outdoor stationary bike

So you’ve made the decision. You are going to get fit.

The bike is out of the shed, the tyres are pumped up and you're ready to go. After a couple of kilometers you come across a KOMPAN outdoor fitness area with a stationary exercise bike standing unoccupied.

Do you cycle on, or do you switch bikes?

The two bikes - the road bike and the KOMPAN fitness bike - are second cousins, related in concept, but different in design and purpose. They need not be rivals though! But rather, they can be complimentary alternatives.

Ten advantages of exercising on an outdoor stationary bike

1. There are no limits caused by traffic, wind and terrain.

2. The workout is more efficient because the exercise intensity is at the complete whim of the user, and not as susceptible to external factors.

3. There is a range of ways to enhance your workout such as tailored exercise programs, digital classes, virtual group rides etc.

4. Digital media like videos, music, games and news makes the time fly.

5. In many Australian cities which prioritise cars over cyclists, a stationary bike is a safer option.

6. There’s no need for protective equipment like a helmet.

7. The stationary bike might be complemented by the inclusion of other fitness equipment outside, allowing for a more comprehensive workout.

8. No gym or membership fees, no expensive road bike or regular servicing; if placed in a public space stationary, bikes are completely free.

9. You won’t fall off or crash, no matter how fast you pedal!

10. The only pumping you do is with your legs - you'll never need to carry spare tyres or a puncture repair kit.