PCM210603 - Urban Double Tower with Plank Bridge, Physical, Banister Bars

Showing off your physical skills is popular with school age children. A sturdy steel rung ladder makes the fast way to the tower. For a more challenging climb, the Jacob’s Ladder offers a way up demanding full physical concentration, as the ladder curves from the third rung, only the older children can go further, as the child will need to alter the coordination of feet and hands to climb on. Between the two platforms, a wobbly bridge can be balanced to the other platform. This platform can also be accessed by a wild rappelling climb. Leading down from the platforms are two different ways of gliding: two bannister bars or the daredevil fireman’s pole.

Technical drawing

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  • Category:
    Play structures
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  • Age group:
    6+ Years
  • Installation:
    11 hour(s)
    1 person(s)
  • Weight: 0 kg
EMAS BVQI TUV AS4685Compliant
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