ELE400050 - Tower

Up, around and under - from all sides the Tower is packed with play possibilities. A play switcher on the lower curved panel provides a point for experimentation, as do the rings on the stair handrails. Stairs, a sloping rock climb and a curly climber offer 3 levels of challenge to the top. Once up to the large lookout deck, children can zoom down the curved slide or twist down the curly climber. Underneath the deck there is a play counter for hours of role-play.

Technical drawing

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  • Product number:
  • Category:
    Play structures
  • Product line:
  • Age group:
    2+ Years
  • Installation:
    20 hour(s)
    1 person(s)
  • Weight: 0 kg
EMAS BVQI TUV AS4685Compliant
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Turning forces of nature into a world of play. Children love playing with sand, water and earth. Starting with this idea, KOMPAN ELEMENTS is designed to encourage children to play freely and interact with the natural world. Read more