ELE400134 - Lighthouse

Onward and upward is the motto of the Lighthouse. Starting with a platform at ground level it climbs gently upwards, taking the child to the top in a smooth, spiralling movement. On the way the play possibilities in the panels and play switcher offer spots for absorption. Alternatively a short cut over the climbing wall is the quicker, and also the more demanding, way into the Lighthouse.

Technical drawing

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  • Product number:
  • Category:
    Play structures
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  • Age group:
    2+ Years
  • Installation:
    22 hour(s)
    1 person(s)
  • Weight: 0 kg
EMAS BVQI TUV AS4685Compliant
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Turning forces of nature into a world of play. Children love playing with sand, water and earth. Starting with this idea, KOMPAN ELEMENTS is designed to encourage children to play freely and interact with the natural world. Read more