PCM410103 - Four Tower with Banister Bars

To school age children, there is nothing like varied, physical play to make them happy. This four tower universe of play ensures a lot of play and happiness for a long time for a lot of children. This is a whole, closed courtyard of play on more levels, with a lot of balancing, climbing and sliding activities and a whole world of social interaction made ample space for on the ground level with double hammocks, puzzles and hour glass with timer knobs to unite the children. The journey for the oldest children can begin by taking the sturdy climbing wall with holes up to the corner tower. From here, the child can go right back on a stomach tickling slide ride to the ground level, a popular loop of play. Alternatively, the child can continue through the net tunnel with steel ring and climb its way to the next platform. From here challenging banister bars lead to the ground, or the big, curved tower net can lead down. This also provides an alternative climb up to this tower, with its smaller and bigger mesh sizes allowing for a fast access on the one half and a slower, climb through access on the other half of the net, also allowing for children to hang in their knees. On the other side of this tower, a net with varied mesh sizes invites for a climb with friends and leads to the 3rd platform, from where a dare devil fireman’s pole takes the child back to the ground, if the child hasn’t already embarked on wackle bridge, concentrating on the wobbly walk over to the 4rth tower. From here the balance plank, a wobbly, open balance beam demanding full concentration when balanced over, takes the child up one level, back to the first tower. Apart from being great fun for a lot of players at one time, this courtyard of play trains the arm, leg and core muscles of the children when they climb and hang head down in their knees from the net rungs. The children’s gross motor skills are stimulated thoroughly when they climb, balance and slide their way through the towers, bridges and nets of the play structure.

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    Play structures
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  • Age group:
    4+ Years
  • Installation:
    24 hour(s)
    1 person(s)
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EMAS BVQI TUV AS4685Compliant
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