Commercial Playground Equipment

Design and Manufacture

KOMPAN focus on designing commercial play equipment. Our primary customers are government organisations, architecture firms and landscapists and we work hand in hand through the entire process, from the design process through to the build. We know commercial playground equipment better than anybody.

Families in a water playground

If you are looking for commercial playgrounds you will not find a better company to deal with than KOMPAN. We have half a century experience worldwide designing and building commercial playground equipment for a range of enterprises and know all the ins and outs.

Commercial playgrounds are almost always unique. When dealing with innovative creative firms fantastic ideas are manifested and because KOMPAN design and manufacture all of our playground equipment, we can bring your wildest designs and dreams to life. Just look at the Darling Quarter playground as a perfect example of this. This is one of Australia's most unique outdoor playgrounds. We worked closely with Aspect Studios to bring to life an underused and dated park precinct that Sydney now looks upon with pride. Read more about the Darling Quarter. 

With unparalleled worldwide experience with playground design and building commercial play equipment, KOMPAN can proudly say that they are a world leader in this area. We have agents all throughout Australia so contact our Brisbane head office to get in touch with your local KOMPAN agent today.  

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